Hi, I’m Bart. Welcome to Grace Reflections.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas, and there came to faith in God through Topeka Youth for Christ. I attended Kansas State University where I majored in art and minored in psychology. My faith took wings in college through the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. It was there I made the scariest, but best decision of my life – to unconditionally do whatever God called me to do.

While I was leading in the Inter-Varsity organization, I accepted a short term pastorate in Nebraska. The tiny church had a number of teens and I seemed to connect with them instantly. It was during this time that I started a Christian Coffee House in my basement ministering to the teens. Later, four of those teens became pastors.

I have owned a Christian bookstore (Logos Christian Bookstore). While I was there, I coauthored my first book with Josh McDowell on the deity of Christ. Although I loved the bookstore, unfortunately, the economy tanked and I was forced to sell.

Following two unbelievably hard years, I was asked to become a chaplain at a psychiatric hospital. Again, God blessed. For the next 10 years, I walked into a world of pain I had never known existed. It was while working there that I was led to write Belief in a God You Can’t See. Over 60,000 copies of that book are now in print and is being translated into 11 different languages!

For the past 25 years I’ve been a hospice chaplain. What one believes directly affects how one dies. Over the years I have collected stories and anecdotes that I included in my Hope in the Dark book. It’s a look at life on the edge of eternity.

I hope you’ll pick up my book Hope in the Dark and be encouraged! Maybe you’ll even want to share it with someone you know that needs hope and encouragement.