Has your world been turned upside down because of the Coronavirus in these uncertain times? Mine certainly has! It breaks my heart. So many people I meet are afraid, lonely and without hope. When I became a hospice chaplain over 24 years ago many of my patients were struggling with these same emotions, so I began writing stories and sharing my photography with them to encourage and brighten their day.

            One day a friend encouraged me to combine these God-given gifts of writing and photography into a book, which I did. Now, several thousand copies later, Hope In The Dark continues to touch lives. Even though I ran Christian bookstores for 12 years, I’ve never seen a book that gets shared or passed on to others more than Hope In The Dark. For every book given or sold, multiple people will probably thumb through its pages. Many people, and especially nursing homes, now purchase it by the case (10 books) because it is so affordable and the multiplied impact so great. It is less expensive than giving a bouquet of flowers and this gift will last for years.

            Even if a person is not “religious,” they will still look at it for the pictures and before long they’re reading it and laughing at the humor or fighting back tears because something they read touched their heart. This is a book that touches both head and heart.—It is hard to believe something in your heart if you don’t first believe it in your head!

            If Hope In The Dark has touched your life, or someone you love, then I hope you will pay it forward. Remember, when you touch a life for God you touch eternity. Grace Reflections is now a not-for-profit organization. Any additional financial tax-deductible gift you send will be used to get this book into nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, prisons and the like.

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