Reflections of A Turtle (Downloadable PDF)


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Reflections of a Turtle
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Priceless insights from a turtle who wandered onto a highway and lived to tell about it.

Reflections of a Turtle is both light-hearted and yet profoundly deep. It is about Hurkermer, a turtle, whose world is shaken as he encounters his first highway and is nearly run over by some cars. It makes him begin to ponder the deeper meaning and purpose of life.

As a chaplain, Bart has had the privilege of working with hundreds of teens and adults in psychiatric hospitals and detention facilities. In his dealings as a chaplain, he has learned that we all long to be loved and our desire to love. He also realizes that there is an inner emptiness and loneliness which only God can fill, for only He is love.

This booklet, through the eyes of a turtle, will bring hope, healing, and a smile.

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