Bart’s Best Sellers Bundle (Eight Book Bundle)



Bart’s Best Sellers Bundle
$19.95 (Eight Book Bundle)

Enjoy all of Bart’s best sellers in one package!

In this bundle, you’ll get:

  • Hope in the Dark – This newly updated version will be just what you need to find peace, laughter, and encouragement in tough times.
  • Reflections of a Turtle – Join Hurkermer as he takes you on a journey to find valuable insights into life.
  • Re-Thinking Abortion – A booklet where compassion and truth meet.
  • An Amazing Love Encounter with God – The Leo Mullen’s Story sure to calm your fears about life and death.
  • Belief in a God You Can’t See – An intellectual journey into the evidence of God that will impact you for life.
  • How to Live and How to Die With Peace, Hope & Joy – Join Bart on this journey of realizing that what you believe affects how you die.
  • Wounded Hearts … Shattered Dreams – Learn about how a moonlight walk with Jesus turned trauma into peace and joy.
  • Did You Know … – An amazing one-page tract giving virtually irrefutable proof that there has to be a God. (Usually sold only in 100 copy packs.)



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